Shipping Policy

After payment confirmation and receipt, Rapidmotorus coordinates the shipping of your item through third-party organizers. We take every precaution to ensure timely delivery to our clients nationwide. Upon placing an order, customers receive an estimated delivery date, and we strive to ensure orders arrive on time, though occasional delays may occur due to factors such as merchandise import or availability. Each shipment requires verification of the code, which may occasionally cause delays.

Most products can be shipped within 10 business days, with delivery typically taking about 15 days. To expedite delivery, please ensure your address is accurate and complete. You must be present at the address for delivery, as unsuccessful initial deliveries may result in additional shipping fees. To avoid such charges, informing neighbors, receptionists, or security personnel can be beneficial.

Orders cannot be shipped to a different address as per our policy. Any changes may require canceling the order and placing a new one, incurring additional costs for the customer. All orders must be placed online, as pick-up services are not available.

Our Terms & Conditions state the following:

– Warranty covers manufacturing defects only and does not extend to repairs or replacements due to misuse or accidents.
– Transmission products are not covered under warranty for repair or replacement, including components related to cooling, fuel, or electrical transmission systems, as well as ignition elements, belts, and hoses.
– We are not liable for any labor or installation errors.
– Handling fees, restocking fees, and shipping costs apply to all components and canceled orders returned.
– This warranty may be subject to cancellation.
– Oil leakage or imperfections caused by non-replaceable seals, gaskets, or filters on engines or transmissions do not qualify for warranty coverage.
– New products added to the website listing will be subject to these Terms & Conditions.
– Availability of all products or services listed on our website cannot be guaranteed at all times.

Ownership of all website contents, designs, and images belongs to us, and we reserve the right to add or modify the site to our specifications. Our website may contain links from third parties, and visiting these links may take you away from our site. We are not responsible for the content of such links.

Rapidmotorus is a trusted name in the automotive industry, specializing in the sale of used engines and transmissions. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch quality products at prices that are unbeatable. Our team of experts conducts thorough inspections and rigorous testing on every engine and transmission to ensure they meet the highest standards before being made available for sale. With an extensive inventory of parts covering a wide variety of makes and models, we are confident in our ability to provide customers with the perfect solution for their vehicle needs.
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