• Pre-Installation Inspections

    Rapidmotorus strongly recommends conducting pre-installation inspections before fitting your used engine or transmission. These checks are crucial for ensuring optimal performance and durability.

    Drawing from our extensive expertise, here are our installation guidelines for you:

    Turbochargers are not included with the engine block unless explicitly specified in writing and are not covered by the warranty.

    Before signing for delivery, thoroughly inspect the used engine and transmission for any physical damage. If any damage is found, please note it on the receipt and contact us immediately. DO NOT use the merchandise before reaching out to us.

    We recommend examining all gaskets and seals and replacing them if necessary. Note that an overheated engine or one with a blown head gasket will automatically void the warranty.

    Fully turn the crankshaft before installation. If it does not turn, please contact us immediately.

    For engines with timing belts, it’s essential to replace the belt, tensioner, and related components before installation. If the timing cover is easily removable, inspect the timing components thoroughly. Please note that these components are not covered by the warranty.

    You should also change the engine oil and replace the oil filter, as well as add new coolant/anti-freeze and reseal your lower oil pan.

    For optimal performance, we recommend installing the following parts with the engine:

    Water pump
    Rear main seal
    New belts and hoses
    New air and fuel filters
    Install and gap new spark plugs
    New valve cover gaskets
    New front crankshaft seal
    New radiator (highly recommended)

    For your convenience, you can download a copy of these guidelines HERE and provide them to your mechanic/installer for a smooth vehicle operation.

    Warranty Details

    The warranty covers only the engine assembly, including block, heads, pistons, crankshaft, camshaft, rockers, and internal parts.

    Components such as switches, sensors, cables, electronics, belts, hoses, water pump, manifold, wiring, valve covers, gaskets, brackets, oil pan, and flywheel may be included for protection during shipping but are NOT covered by the warranty, as they are not part of the engine assembly.

    While we strive to supply good quality, working old engines and transmissions (up to 35 years old), we cannot guarantee appearance. Cosmetic concerns are not covered under the warranty if the used engine performs without issue. Please inspect all parts promptly upon receiving them and report any discrepancies to us immediately. We advise customers never to reject a shipment to ensure it can be collected at our expense as part of a warranty claim and to avoid lost shipments. Rejected shipments will be subject to cancellation terms.

    To fulfill orders, Rapidmotorus incurs labor, freight, pallet, packaging, and strap costs. If an order is canceled after 24 hours of payment, a 20% restocking fee will apply to cover costs, along with two-way shipping if the item was already shipped.

    We will reimburse exact shipping costs for warranted returns. We provide one chance to resolve any engine/transmission issue. If a replacement is approved but the customer declines or requests a refund, it is considered a cancellation and incurs a 20% restocking fee.

    OEM parts may sometimes be swapped between different makes/models. While we use a VIN tool to ensure engine/transmissions are compatible with your vehicle, some adjustments may be needed for fit. Our Return and Refund policies still apply for incompatible engines sent to customers.

    Despite checking compatibility via VIN on every order, additional details may sometimes be required to verify engine/transmission variants. If a customer provides incorrect information or orders the wrong part, they will pay two-way shipping and any price difference between the replacement and original order. Rejecting a replacement is considered a cancellation and incurs restocking fees per policy.

    If issues arise with a purchased used engine, we will initiate a replacement process immediately upon approval. If the replacement does not meet expectations for any reason, we will process a FULL REFUND to the original payment source. Customers have 30 days from delivery to inform us of any replaced engine/transmission issues. Claims cannot be initiated beyond 30 days of receiving the replacement.

    Please promptly contact us with any questions or issues during the warranty period, as keeping problematic items beyond 30 days can void revival prospects and claim approval.

    Our warranty is non-transferable.

    Unless stated in writing, we only provide a parts warranty; labor is not included.

    Deposits for holds or special orders are non-refundable.

    Warranty is Void if:

    Pre-installation checks are not performed

    No diagnostic report is provided by an ASE certified mechanic

    The purchased used engine is not installed within 90 days of purchase

    Damage is due to accident or misuse

    Repairs or modifications are done without our authorization

    Damage results from overheating or insufficient lubrication

    Heat tabs are missing/melted on returned items

    Electrical/electronic issues

    Oil leaks from failed seals or gaskets

    The item is modified or not returned in the same condition

    Troubleshooting steps are not exhausted before inspection after failure or if the part is removed/dismantled

Rapidmotorus is a trusted name in the automotive industry, specializing in the sale of used engines and transmissions. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch quality products at prices that are unbeatable. Our team of experts conducts thorough inspections and rigorous testing on every engine and transmission to ensure they meet the highest standards before being made available for sale. With an extensive inventory of parts covering a wide variety of makes and models, we are confident in our ability to provide customers with the perfect solution for their vehicle needs.
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